Ship Work On Time

Project Resource Management for Software Development

Project Management + Resource Planning

Schedule and manage projects with real-time data on project timelines, team availability, and task status.

Track Your Team's Capacity

Powerful reporting tools make it easy to see who’s available to take on more work and who’s overloaded.

Effortless Time Tracking

Know where your team is spending time and effort with easy, accurate time tracking and analytics.

One Tool to Align Engineering Teams, Managers, and Leadership

Complete Project Planning

Plan sprints, milestones, and launch dates. Schedule and manage your team’s deliverables, and keep track of status with comprehensive task management features.

Software Projects at the 10,000ft View

Manage the end-to-end project lifecycle, including phases, deadlines, team assignments, and work status. Keep everyone on the same page and quickly make adjustments when things change.

Precise Project Estimates

View real-time project data to look ahead and avoid pitfalls. Quickly understand the status of deliverables and team efficiency metrics across projects to anticipate upcoming project needs with confidence.

Easy Time Tracking and Reporting

Help your team track billable (and non-billable) hours to specific projects and phases. Pre-populated timesheets let your team confirm time in one click, and enter custom time entries with minimal effort.

Customizable Reports

Pull aggregated reports across projects, teams, and departments in a few clicks. Quickly see and export historical project, budget, and utilization data by week, month, quarter, or year.

Integrate with 10,000ft

Connect 10,000ft with your internal workflow and software suite! Our flexible API enables connections with top operational tools for analytics, communications, PM, ERP, and finance.

Plan Your Next Engineering Project in 10,000ft

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