Personal Reports

We recommend that each member of your team has a saved Time + Fees Report to understand how to manage time.

In Analytics, create a report showing only your hours by filtering to your name. You can show one project or all your project work for the selected time frame.

This personal Time + Fees Report includes 3 columns of information for each project:

  • Incurred: Shows the actual amount of time or money you have worked on the project. This may include both Confirmed or Unconfirmed hours (Entry Type: Confirmed or Unconfirmed) depending on your account’s Time Tracking setting.
  • Difference from Past Scheduled: This column shows if the time or money incurred was different from the original plan. It is the delta between Future Scheduled time and Incurred time. The hours will ebb and flow on a project. Your goal is to keep this column as close to zero as possible, meaning you’re working according to your budgeted hours.
  • Future Scheduled: Shows the amount of time or money scheduled for you in the future. These assignments also show on the Schedule.

Save your personal report by clicking “Save” in the upper right-hand corner, title your report, and save it to your Personal Page.