Remove suggested time entries

Our intent with suggesting hours on timesheets is that your team can see their budget of time for the week and try to work according to the plan. We don’t have current plans to change this logic as the suggested entries helps the team understand their assignment expectation.

A couple scenarios where this might be helpful:

  1. We often hear that managers worry that the team will report inaccurate data because they will simply take the easy way out and confirm the suggested time instead of what they really did. If this is your fear, we have a backend setting that we can enable for your account that will disallow users to confirm all suggested hours. In changing this setting, users will be required to click into each time entry and enter the hours.
  2. Other teams find that the plan is often very different from the time tracked. In this case, it is easier for the users to “Clear Suggestions” to start from a blank time card each week. Make sure your team knows about this feature.