Using Time and Expense Approvals is a way to add an extra layer of monitoring between data that is entered and data that is included in your final reporting. Approvals are disabled by default and must be turned on by an account Administrator.

Before turning on Approvals, you’ll need to ask yourself and your team some key questions. The answers will help you configure your account, as well as set up procedures for your team’s workflow.

Questions for approvers:

  • Who will be responsible for approving time? (Approvers need Project Manager permissions or higher).
  • What will they be responsible for approving? Time for certain departments? Projects? Clients?
  • What saved filters will each approver need to create ahead of time?

Questions for the team:

  • When are they expected to submit their time and expenses for approval?
  • Do they need to submit all their time for the week or just for certain projects?

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