Only Administrators can set permission levels for people. By default, new people are assigned the Team Member permission level. Change the permission level in Account Settings under People, or in the edit form for each person in their profile settings page.

10,000ft has six different permission levels:

Administrator – People with Administrator level access can change company account settings, alter schedules, adjust bill rates, add/remove people and projects, reset passwords, and confirm others’ time.

Project Manager – People at the Project Manager level have the ability to adjust schedules and allocate people to different projects.

Scheduler – The Scheduler permission level is meant for people who make day-to-day changes to the Schedule, but should not have access to the project’s settings. They have all the permissions of the Project Manager, except the ability to create/edit projects, add/invite people, edit account settings, edit people profiles, and confirm others’ time.

Team Member – The Team Member permission level allows the person to see information on all projects and people within the organization, including budgets and other financial details. However, Team Members cannot edit assignments.

Restricted Team Member – People with the Restricted Team Member permission level have the same access as Team Members, with the exception that they cannot see any financial details and Analytics.

Contractor – These people can only view their personal page for time tracking and projects they’re assigned to. Contractors can account for time only on projects that they’ve been assigned to by an Administrator or Project Manager.

A matrix showing the capabilities of different user types in 10,000ft