Import People

You can add multiple people by preparing a list in a spreadsheet program and importing that information into 10,000ft. The details you can add to the people you upload are: first and last name, email address, permission level, discipline, and role.

Permission levels, disciplines, and roles must exactly match how they’re defined in 10,000ft. You cannot create new disciplines and roles via the people upload spreadsheet. Define them manually in Account Settings before uploading your roster.

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > People
  2. Click on Add Multiple People
  3. Download the spreadsheet.
  4. Fill out details for new people you want to upload.
  5. Select all data in the spreadsheet and copy and paste into the text field box in the “Add Multiple People” page.
  6. Click Next and verify that all the information is correct.
  7. Click Add People.

The new people you’ve added to your account will be visible within Account Settings > People or on the Organization Page.