People Availability

People availability options on 10,000ft

Within each person's profile settings, Administrators and Project Managers are able to input information that impacts a team member's availability.

First and last day of work

Team members are considered unavailable before their first day of work and after their last day of work. Dates that are input here should be done with care as time suggestions (unconfirmed hours) will not be scheduled if a person is unavailable.

Part-time availability

The default work week for your organization (i.e. 8 hrs/day for 5 days/week) is set in Account Settings. This default work week informs the allocation % target on the Schedule, so you can schedule your team for 100% of their time (example: 40 hrs/week = 100%). For people who have availability that differs from the default setting, customize their availability by selecting the "Add part-time availability" button on their profile, then input the start & end dates for when their working duration differs from the default work week for your organization. If the individual will have part-time availability for an indefinite amount of time, you can leave the end date blank. Any assignments that overlap with a person’s non-working hours will not be counted towards the project budget, and time sheets for people who work part-time will only show suggested hours for the days available to that person.