Schedule-Only People

For teams who want to use 10,000ft for resource management only, you will want to add Schedule-Only People into your account.

All plans come with 10 Free Schedule-Only People. These people cannot log in, view, or track time in 10,000ft, but they allow your management team to get a clear picture of the capacity of your group, so you can forecast risk and hiring needs.

If you need to purchase additional Schedule-Only People, you can buy a group of 10 for an additional fee.

Like our Active People, you should round to the nearest 10 when determining the number of people needed. For example, if you have 17 people to schedule in your organization, you will need up to 20 Schedule-Only People in your account.

In addition to Schedule-Only People, you can also create resources in your account to represent meeting rooms or equipment. This way, you know when certain meetings rooms are booked and when certain pieces of equipment will be unavailable.