Manage Access

Only Administrators can add people to an account.

You can add people in two places: in Account Settings or the Organization Page.

The minimal information required to add a person is first name, last name, and permission level. When you add a person, you can invite them to the account immediately, or invite them at a later time.

People who have been sent an invitation email and/or have accepted the invitation count towards the number of Licensed Users in your subscription.

You can also choose to add team members who do not have access to your account. These people are considered Managed Resources and count toward that aspect of your subscription.

account settings with licensed users

Adding Multiple People

You can add multiple people by preparing a list in a spreadsheet program and importing that information into 10,000ft. In the spreadsheet, fill out first and last names, email addresses, permission levels, disciplines, and roles for each person you want to add.

Please note that the permission levels, disciplines, and roles in this list need to match exactly how they’re defined in 10,000ft Account Settings.

You can learn more about how you can import multiple people here.