Account Settings

Based on how your organization operates, there are a couple different ways to set up your 10,000ft account.

In 10,000ft, the work your organization does is organized in projects. It takes time and money to complete the work. Time and money is spent by people on your team working on projects. 10,000ft allows an organization to balance this time so your projects stay on budget.

You can track two aspects of time:

  • The future: plan how time is going to be spent
  • The past: track how time has actually been spent

Time can be planned and tracked for both projects and people. Both of these can have a finite amount. For projects, this is called a budget. For people, this is called availability. Ideally, the time between all your people and your projects is perfectly balanced.

In reality, your time is never perfectly balanced. Sometimes there are too many people and not enough projects. Sometimes there are too few people and too many projects. And you will need to make daily decisions about how your organization will spend and balance time so it can operate more efficiently.

Depending on what you want to track, we recommend exploring some prerequisite setup steps. Review and change your Time Tracking Settings before you get started with 10,000ft.

For example, if you’re interested in tracking how time is incurred, define what time tracking details you want to set up. If you want to track projects towards a monetary budget, define the hourly bill rates for your team.

If you only want to track availability for resourcing, you can start creating projects and assigning people to them. There are no further setup steps needed.