Lock Time Entries

Once time has been incurred on a project, you can set incurred hours to lock automatically.

In Project Settings, you can choose to:

  • Lock all time entries for the project
  • Automatically lock after a set number of days

This will allow you to review and approve time entries before locking the hours and ensure that resources cannot go back in time and edit hours for a project. If you need to modify hours for a project, a Project Manager or Administrator will be required to unlock before editing the hours. Locking project hours is determined per project.

Tip: Communicate with your team when you plan to lock hours for projects, so they can confirm their time beforehand.

Locked Hours on Timesheets

Locking time in 10,000ft happens automatically based on the Project Settings. Once your timesheet has been locked, you need to contact your Administrator or Project Manager to unlock and modify the hours. Check with your account Administrator to understand when you are required to submit time entries before they become locked.

Modifying Locked Hours: