Manage projects that have ended

We recommend archiving projects once completed. You can archive a project via Edit Project settings, along the left menu. You can always view archived projects on the Project Portfolio page and in reports by using the filter “Project State: Archived.”

A screenshot of the column filters on the Project Portfolio page

  1. On the Project Portfolio page, go to the List View (left of the Grid View icon).
  2. On the left-hand side, ensure you've filtered "Project State: Active."
  3. Select the box next to "End Date." This will surface the project end date on this page.
  4. Find the "Ends At" column on your page, and click on it so it sorts in ascending order.
  5. You can now see at a glance, which projects have an end date in the past.
  6. To archive completed projects, click on the "Edit Projects" button and manually select checkboxes to the left of project names.
  7. On the right-hand side beneath "Actions," select Archive.
  8. Select "Archive Projects."

See Archiving & Deleting Projects for more information.