Sorting + Filtering

From the Schedule, click the box above the people list (labeled Everyone) or project list (labeled Every Project) to trigger a drop down menu. Use this drop down menu to switch between the People view and Project view, and to filter and sort the information you want to display. Filtered out information is displayed in light gray.

Sort By

  • Name: This is the default sort option. People are sorted alphabetically by first and last name on the Schedule
  • Availability: This allows you to sort your team from most to least available. From here, you’ll be able to see who on your team can take on work for certain project types, or who is available within a specific period of time

Filters in People view:

  • Everyone (default) – the entire organization
  • Billable – choose only billable or non-billable people. Non-billable people have a 0% utilization target in their profile settings.
  • Role – only people with a shared title or position
  • Discipline – only people of the same department(s) or who perform the same type of work
  • Project – only those people on a specific project or other event, such as Vacation or Sick
  • Team Member - only the people and/or placeholders you select
  • People Tags - only people with specific tags
  • Clients - only the assignments that relate to selected client work
  • Location - only the people based in selected location
  • Team Member Type - only your people (Confirmed) or placeholders (Placeholders)
  • Work Status - only assignments that are marked with your selected status
  • People Custom Fields - only the people who match the custom criteria you’ve set

Use Saved Views to save your filters and pull up a customized view of the Schedule anytime. Click Saved Views > Save Current View and enter the name of your saved Schedule view.

Filters in Projects view:

  • Every Project (default) – all active projects
  • Project – select one or multiple projects to view
  • Project Type – only the selected project types
  • Client – only the projects that relate to the selected client work
  • Project Tags – only projects with specific tags
  • Project Custom Fields - only the projects that match your business-specific criteria
  • Filtering the Schedule:


On the People View of the Schedule, use filtering options to build a skilled team. Add Custom Fields to people with specific skills so you can easily find them when assigning and reassigning work that requires those skills.