Onboarding Overview

To help you make the onboarding process as painless as possible, we pulled together some resources to help onboard your team. We highly recommend reviewing our Flight Plan for rolling out 10,000ft to your team. Our Flight Plan guides you through the process and outlines a general timeline, which you can customize for your needs. 

We also offer a paid implementation support package called Launch 10 by Smartsheet, which includes ten hours of one-on-one consultation to help configure, build, and optimize your unique 10,000ft implementation.​ Contact us for details.

To Onboard Successfully

  1. Set a launch date to roll out 10,000ft to your team
  2. Use our Implementation Questions to help you plan
  3. Introduce 10,000ft at a company meeting using our Introductory Tools
  4. Invite your team to access the tool
  5. Hold a training session for managers and other team members, or share links to the training resources

Additional Details for Success

We came up with 20 Implementation Questions to get you thinking about how 10,000ft will fit into your workflow. Share the answers to these questions with your Project Management team so they clearly understand everyone’s role in utilizing 10,000ft.

Our Introductory Tools are a great way to let your company know that you’re implementing 10,000ft. Share the Introductory Tools page, along with either the Management Training or Team Member Training pages with your team. These links have specific information about how your team members can use 10,000ft based on their individual roles within the company.

Additionally, you may opt to hold a company meeting to set positive expectations about making a change to 10,000ft. Change can be difficult, but a person’s expectations about an event or product have the power to change the way they actually experience it.

Things to consider

Share the “why” behind 10,000ft

  • 10,000ft is project resource management software that empowers dynamic, project-based organizations to make confident operational decisions. Through simple and powerful design, we make it easy for teams to see and act on critical data across projects and people, while staying focused on high-level outcomes.

Avoid information overload

  • People tend to shut down and stop paying attention when they get too much new information at once. We recommend slowly introducing 10,000ft to your team, and giving them the resources to find the information they need to reference later. Make sure they can answer these questions:

       -  What do I need to do?
       -  Where can I find help if needed?

Integrate 10,000ft into your workflow

  • Use the Project Pages in your team meetings and use the master Schedule for your weekly resourcing meeting. Simply share the Schedule on a screen and make changes in real time.
  • Create a habit or routine and make a commitment in advance. Research says you need to do something for 21 days before it becomes a habit. Set a goal (and perhaps a reward) for the first 21 days using 10,000ft. The tool makes it easy to measure your success.