Management Training

As a power user of 10,000ft, it's helpful to have a full grasp of the tool. With your permission level, you'll have the ability to create and edit projects. You can adjust the resourcing plan and run analytics for a better understanding of how things went.

You will want to check with your 10,000ft account owner to understand your specific role in using 10,000ft.

While it's a good idea to review the entire Reference Section, here are links to some key functions you should know:

Managing Your Team

The goal with the Schedule is to understand your team’s capacity and adjust the plan as projects change.

Planning Projects

The Projects Page becomes a live portfolio for your organization. Clicking on individual projects gives you access to important project information.

Creating Projects

Enter high-level project information like: start + end dates, budget tracking preference, bill rates, phases, and Custom Fields.

Budgeting Projects

There are three ways to track project progress in 10,000ft: time, currency, or expenses.

Scheduling Best Practices

Use these tips for better insight into availability over a longer period of time and make sure people know what to expect.

Get Insights from Analytics

Analytics and Reports collect all the data around budgets, people, and time and allow you to easily group and filter that data into reports.

If you’re an Administrator in your 10,000ft account, review the Account Settings section.