Implementation Questions

Before you train your team to use 10,000ft, answer these questions to determine your implementation plan. Answering these questions will help you communicate the plan to your team.


  1. What do you want to get out of 10,000ft?
  2. What will you use 10,000ft for? (Time tracking? Resourcing? Analytics?)

Set Up + Standards

  1. What information do you want your team to see? How will you set permission levels?
  2. Does your company have standardized project phases?
  3. Does your company have project templates?
  4. Will you track projects based on time, currency, or both?
  5. What policy or rules might you have around Schedule changes?
  6. Do you use bill rates?
  7. What are the bill rates and do they vary based on project, client, or activity?


  1. Who will use 10,000ft from your company?
  2. Who will create new projects? Who will add Leave?
  3. At what stage will you create new projects?
  4. Who will adjust the Schedule in 10,000ft?
  5. What is each person responsible for in 10,000ft?
  6. What are some frequently needed reports you might use?

Adjustments + Implementation

  1. What tools or processes will 10,000ft replace?
  2. Do you require any integration with other business tools?
  3. How are you going to introduce 10,000ft to your company?