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Smarter + Faster Resourcing

Project Resource Management Software for Marketing Teams

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Coordinated, Unified Marketing

From content creation to campaign launches, keep everyone aligned on strategy, requirements, timelines, and deliverables.

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Smarter Team Scheduling

With real-time scheduling data, staff projects faster, forecast hiring needs sooner, and see who’s available or overworked by seniority and discipline.

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Get Stuff Done

Centralize campaign planning to reduce status meetings, increase actionable insights, and accelerate delivery. Easily track campaign phases and deliverables to launch.

One Tool to Align Marketing Teams, Managers, and Leadership

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Simple, Powerful Marketing Management

Within one view, see your strategy briefs, requirements, progress to goal, budget forecasts, and team utilization. Spend more time acting on insights, and less time combining project data from multiple tools and spreadsheets.

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Staff Smarter. Execute Faster.

Staff your next campaign with the right marketing disciplines and experience levels within a few clicks. Within a selected time-range, 10,000ft uses real-time data to show you who’s available by seniority and discipline.

marketing project resource management software

Assign Tasks. Track Progress.

From ideation to launch, set and track tasks for every phase of your campaign. See who’s working on what and when throughout your roadmap to launch.

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Report, Evaluate, Improve

By month, quarter, or year, zoom out to see trends and insights across your portfolio of projects and campaigns. Use data across your marketing team to show where you’re hitting forecasts, meeting budgets, and maximizing (or underutilizing) key team members.

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Pre-Filled, Effortless Timesheets

On login, your team can quickly see their projects and allocated time for the day and week. Within the same view, team members can confirm their timesheet, input actual time spent, and add detailed notes to time entries.

Integrate with 10,000ft

Connect 10,000ft with your internal workflow and software suite! Our flexible API enables connections with top operational tools for analytics, communications, PM, ERP, and finance.

Plan Your Next Marketing Project in 10,000ft

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