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Common Integrations

Time Tracking

We know that many teams are required to track time in non-10,000ft business tools that are mandated by their organization or connected with their finance system. And we also know that many customers would prefer to track time in 10,000ft, because they can compare planned vs. actual hours to schedule more accurately.

But no one should ever have to track time in two places. It can be hard enough to get team members to track time in one place. Why duplicate a difficult thing?

If you track time in another tool, you'll want to get that data into 10,000ft so you can see how things went in the past and understand what to improve in the future.

Reporting or Business Intelligence

One of the most valuable aspects of 10,000ft is its ability to collect quality data on your projects and team members. This data is stored in the 10,000ft database and available via our Reports API endpoint.

While you can manually export the data from 10,000ft, you may want to skip that step and automatically pull data into something like Google Sheets or a data visualization / BI solution. Teams using 10,000ft may want to develop custom dashboards or reports in the following areas.

  • Profitability tracking
  • Forecast / pipeline tracking
  • Custom utilization reports
  • Skills + professional development reporting
  • Portfolio intel (industry, duration, clients, etc.)

Project Creation

We know you use a lot of different business tools to operate your organization. If you want to stop adding the same information in separate tools, we'd recommend building an integration that removes the manual effort of creating projects in multiple places.

Some example scenarios of creating projects include:

  • When I create a project in another software, I want to automatically create one in 10,000ft with the same details.
  • When I create a new project in 10,000ft, I want to automatically create a new project in another business tool with the same details.
  • I want to build a form to create projects with the same details in my finance system, CRM, PM software, and file storage. Check out the case study from our customer who did just that.

Finance / Billing

Let’s be honest, many of the finance solutions out there aren't the most friendly when it comes to custom integrations.

That said, some customers have built complete syncs with their finance system to connect time tracking, budgets, bill rates, projects, and client details. Taking this project on isn't low effort or low cost, but it can make 10,000ft function as the visual layer on your perhaps-less-visual financial software.