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Trial Guide

So, you've started a 10,000ft trial. Welcome! We know 14 days can go fast, so we've assembled some resources to help outline the process and make the most of your valuable time.

Overall, the focus of your trial should be to answer two key questions:

  1. What does 10,000ft do?
  2. Does it make sense for my team to continue to evaluate?

It's unlikely that any team will fully vet and implement 10,000ft in 14 days, so we recommend setting that expectation with your core team. We've put together a guide for implementation that will be helpful as you get started.

Define → Discovery Demo → Deep Dive Demo → Decide


  1. Define your core business challenge. What's the critical business issue you're looking to solve, and what do you hope to find in a solution?
  2. Schedule a Discovery Demo with our team. This step allows us to see if there's alignment with your core needs and what 10,000ft offers.
  3. Import your data and invite others from your evaluation team to log in to your account. Want help importing your data on the backend? Just ask.
  4. Schedule a team Deep Dive Demo with everyone from your team who's involved in the decision.
  5. Decide: do you want to move forward with a pilot or a subscription?

Curated List of Resources

Below, we've collected some resources that might be helpful at this stage of your implementation.

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