"10,000ft is one of the most complete scheduling and planning tools for IT service companies out there."

Telegrupp working in the stock room
  • About

    Telegrupp is a systems integrator specializing in security, communication, and IT systems. They're located in Tallinn, Estonia and have 90 employees.

  • Challenge

    Tracking the time the field technicians put in and tying it back to individual projects was a very manual process. Connecting that information to costs and budgets was also a challenge.

  • Results

    After adopting 10,000ft, Telegrupp immediately saw a decrease in the amount of manual work it took to get up to date information. Scheduling and planning projects became easier, and all the information about a project rolls up to reports that are easy to use.

Telegrupp is one of the largest systems integrators in Estonia. They provide the highest quality security, communications, and IT infrastructure to their clients. 

In other words, they keep their client’s offices and data centers safe and efficient by integrating state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure into their workflow.

By providing above industry standards, they build strong customer relationships and company culture. We are delighted to support their business with 10,000ft and share their case study with other IT providers. You can learn more about their business on their website.

Managing a Distributed Workforce

With over 90 employees, many of them in the field working with clients, they needed a more streamlined way to manage scheduling and tie time entry information back to individual projects.

They relied on formatted spreadsheets to manage what their technicians were working on and how much time had been devoted to a certain project. Tying that data to the budget and having mid-project status updates posed several challenges and led to a lot of manual work just to get the information they needed.

Streamlined Reporting + Team Management

After adopting 10,000ft, pulling insights from reports became much easier for Telegrupp. They were able to avoid days of manual work when tying labor costs back to project budgets, and being able to easily export this information into their ERP system allowed for further analysis.

10,000ft's schedule view allows them to see what all of their field technicians are working on and when they will be available next. This has made the entire process from scheduling to reporting more efficient.

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