• About

    Tactile is an industrial design and user experience agency located in Seattle WA.

  • Challenge

    They have a complex collaborative process that they use to develop meaningful and successful products. They needed a simple way to gain better insight over that process and keep track of the work their team was doing.

  • Results

    Since adopting 10,000ft, Tactile now has increased visibility into the status of their projects and where their team's hours are being spent. This allows them to make informed decisions faster.

GA2 case study picture in the office

After helping to Beta Test during development, Seattle product design company, Tactile, joined as one of our first official customers. General Assembly, believes great design should work as well for your business as it does for the end-user of your product. They develop meaningful and successful products through a complex and collaborative process – a process 10,000ft is helping them manage. Not only do they design great products for some of the world’s largest brands, they also throw a wicked Halloween party. You can learn more about their work here.

What is your company most proud of?

Having the perfect mix of passion for producing great work within an office environment that is comfortable

How do you manage your project portfolio and people?

We’re laid back and relish tools that allow us to be more efficient with less focus on the logistics

What lesson would you give to someone starting out a new agency/consultancy?

The quality of the work you produce is always priority number one with no close second. It’s what we’re best at, it’s the best marketing dollars spent and it’s what people will come back to you for.

What's the secret sauce to your success?

Having a concise story that reflects our passion and is unique in our market

What’s your vision for your company in the next 5 years?

To continue to grow into thought leaders in our field, build more long-term client relationships with businesses we believe in and expand our involvement into new fields

What attracted you to 10,000ft?

Simplicity. Focus.

Has 10,000ft added benefit to your company? If so, how?

It is a tool everyone is happy to use both for inputting their own time, and for understanding the project status in order to make informed decisions quickly.

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