• About

    Swift is a digital and PR agency with over 165 employees spread across multiple offices. They create innovative solutions that fuel business growth for a long list of Fortune 500 clients.

  • Challenge

    They were using a spreadsheet to make resourcing decisions, but struggled with it constantly being out of date. They needed a way to gain real time insight into what people were working on and when they were available.

  • Results

    Since adopting 10,000ft, their project managers now have increased control and insight into their teams and projects. It has made scheduling more efficient and helped get project budgets back on track.

Swift is a digital and PR agency with offices in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. Their client list includes Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Disney, and Starbucks, as well as health and wellness brands such as Wanderlust Festival, Manduka, Barre3, and Legacy, in addition to REI and HTC among others.

Their work seamlessly combines planning, design, development, and outreach to unleash brand platforms and programs that fuel strategic business growth, while maintaining a keen understanding of the new generation of consumers and the social spaces they call home.

We talked to Director of Production, Jaime Gennaro, about what makes Swift stand out and why they decided to utilize 10,000ft.

How would you describe your agency’s structure?

We are a fairly small agency of 65 between our two offices. Our group is basically divided into two groups, administrative/operational roles and production roles. The production includes account managers, project managers, designers, writers, content creators (i.e. photographer and videographers) and developers.

What is your company most proud of?

Our work and our working culture are what we’re most proud of. While most agencies push teams to hit their goals and deliverables by working 10-12 hour days on a regular basis, we have structured our capacity model around the idea of people having professional growth and R&D time built into their workday. We are lucky that our work has helped us build a reputation that supports this model.

What attracted you to 10,000ft?

It combines all of the necessary tools for tracking projects in one place. We used to have 3 tools to do the job of 10,000ft and none of them tracked information in real time.

Has 10,000ft added benefit to your company? If so, how?

Before 10,000ft, the company was using a spreadsheet for resourcing which made any updates obsolete as soon as they were entered. 10,000ft has saved our company a lot of money in increased efficiencies by putting resourcing in the hands of project managers. We no longer need a resource manager. It has also helped us get our project budgets back on track. The analytics tool is an amazing resource.

What the secret sauce to your success?

Operationally: managing the pace of our growth. On the production side: leading trends and focusing on digital rather than print and television.

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