RED Interactive Agency

"10,000ft makes project data visible and actionable in a way that few other tools do. We now have a much deeper understanding of where our effort is going."

RED Interactive team members around a table
  • About

    RED Interactive Agency is a Customer Experience Marketing agency headquartered in Santa Monica CA. They have 160 employees, with their games division located in Salt Lake City, UT.

  • Challenge

    The company's growth started to outpace the capabilities of their tools and reporting systems. The team then experimented with custom spreadsheets and third-party applications, but still couldn't find the right fit. Ultimately, they needed a more complete resource and project scheduling tool to support marketing operations.

  • Results

    Since adopting 10,000ft, they now use up-to-date information to gauge the health of their projects and optimize their performance ahead of time. Their ability to prevent going over budget is improving, and their utilization is becoming more efficient.

RED Interactive Agency is a global Customer Experience Agency, who has worked with such diverse brands as LEGO, Under Armour, Disney and GoPro. 

Their expertise spans brand development and campaigns, digital advertising, experience design, product innovation and mobile games.

Their unique operating model leverages focused and dedicated client-teams, featuring an integrated mix of business expertise and digital capabilities specific to the client’s industry.

They’ve also developed custom technology frameworks to take on their client’s toughest digital challenges. These frameworks offer a stable codebase to experiment from and evolve with the changing landscape of current web, mobile, and social development.

Their goal is to create innovative ideas and solutions for their clients and deliver results that propel the business forward. And at the same time, continue to build a company and culture where creative and motivated people can do extraordinary work.

Their work alone speaks for itself, and as a result they have solidified their position as one of the premiere digital agencies in the business. 

The Challenge

In Q4 of 2013, RED realized their growth was outpacing the capabilities of the tools they used to manage their business. They had developed an elaborate spreadsheet that worked in combination with a timesheet system to forecast and visualize their resourcing needs. But managing editing rights and permissions was cumbersome, and the data lacked the real-time updates that the business required.

“Moreover, none of the tools we were using gave us true visibility—having data is one thing, seeing and understanding the data to be actionable is another.”

Different parts of the business had different tools and processes for tracking project information, which caused confusion due to a lack of standardized reporting data. Additionally, there was limited or inaccurate visibility into key data points (such as project progress tracking and team utilization), causing difficulty when making important business decisions.

The Solution

The team at RED found immediate benefit in 10,000ft's schedule view. Their resource managers were able to find actionable insight into what the team was working on, where availability lied, and how the puzzle pieces could be laid out to make everything fit.

They make frequent use of the project status information from the Project page to get quick visibility into the financial performance of a project and gauge its health.

“Once a team is using 10,000ft on a regular basis, getting data up-to-date requires a relatively low level of effort—which is not always the case with tools such as these.”

Having this information readily available gives RED a much deeper understanding of where their time and effort is going, and gives them the ability to make changes to the plan based on the information.

“We can act on availability rather than lament poor utilization. Utilization reports are always after the fact; they look and quantify what happened. It’s more interesting to look at what is going to happen, and change your plan to optimize. 10,000ft's resource view allows us to do that pretty effectively.”

The Process

Introducing new software to any company can be a challenge. RED offers the following advice to companies considering rolling out 10,000ft to their team:

“During our trial, we focused on getting different business units up to speed, gathering feedback, working with the 10,000ft team to answer our questions and getting it set up right for our company. When the trial showed great promise and very few compromises, we pulled the trigger for the company-wide rollout.”

  • Schedule enough time for testing, installation, training and rollout. We took about 2.5 months, which felt about right.
  • Get adoption from all business leaders in your organization.
  • Explain the benefits to absolutely everyone. Make them understand that good data = good decisions = better company for all.

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