How Much Time Did My Team Actually Work on a Project?

How do you know how much time your team worked on a project? Find out in this video.

Scheduling people to a project is one thing, but how much time did they actually work on it? Find out in this video, part of a series designed to help you make more confident business decisions.

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First, you need to make sure your team is tracking their actual hours worked against the project. 

On an individual's page, they can report time in their time and expenses tab. Their time card is pre-populated based off what's been scheduled, so if they work according to the plan, they can simply confirm those hours. If they work more or less hours than what was scheduled, they can click in and adjust their time. They can even leave a note explaining why they worked more or less time than what was scheduled.

You can generate a report in 10000ft to identify any differences between what you scheduled and what your team actually worked. 

From the project page, I can use a Time and Fees report to show me how much time has been tracked against a project in the Incurred column, see the delta between what was scheduled and what was actually worked in the Difference from Past Scheduled column, and see how many hours are scheduled for the rest of the project in the Future Scheduled column. I can see for this project, that Chris worked an additional 5.2 hours to cover for Anne while she was out sick.

If you're a project manager who owns this project, you can save reports to your personal page. 

Here, you can save a report and name it "how much time did my team actually work on a project." When you log in to your Personal Page, it's right there on the left-hand side, and in one click, you can easily access this data. 

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