The Status: Putting Values at the Core of the Company

Core values guide every decision in the organization.

This month, we talked to Rand Fishkin, former founder and CEO of Moz, about the importance of core values in building a successful workplace culture.

Company values guide day-to-day behavior in the organization, providing a set of clear expectations for employees to work with each other and with customers.

We have six such values that guide 10,000ft as a company and team. They are Delivery, Proactivity, Open-Mindedness, Presence, People-Focus, and Directness. The purpose of our values is more internally focused; we use them to guide our hiring deliberations and we give ourselves regular peer feedback on them. Our goal is to be a team where everyone scores high on all of these.

Patrick M Lencioni’s article in HBR is a great resource for creating meaningful core values; how to do it right, but also what not to do. 

Also, be sure to read or listen to our latest Two Beers interview with Rand Fishkin, to see how he put values into practice at Moz.

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