Introducing a Powerful New Way to Manage Your People and Teams

This all-new dashboard gives you an easier way to see, filter, and manage everyone across your organization.

Animation of filtering and sorting on People Page

What’s new

We're excited to announce that we just released a fully refreshed People Page!

This new dashboard provides a high-level view of everyone across your entire organization, with a wide range of filter and sort options, so you can quickly find the information you need and make better resourcing decisions.

Similar to the Project Portfolio, you can also customize which columns you see and create saved views for yourself or for your whole team to access on the fly.

filter by status of your team members on the people page

When to use it

Here are a few common scenarios to make the most of this valuable new feature:

  1. See how many people are on specific teams and what skills they have to balance the workload or make informed hiring decisions 
  2. Easily search for certain disciplines, skills, and locations across a large number of people and teams
  3. Quickly filter people and teams by people tags and out-of-office status

You can also add more flexible and granular sorting options to the People Page with Custom Fields.

Ready to get started?

Get all the details about using the People Page in our knowledge base. Not a 10,000ft member yet? Start a free trial to try it for yourself.

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