Introducing a New Project Planning Experience in 10,000ft

Announcing a new, more detailed project planning experience to schedule work, track status, and keep everyone on the same page.

project planning worklist 10,000ft

We’ve always held a high-level planning philosophy at 10,000ft. We believe that project-based teams are the way of the future, but they need big-picture context and accurate data to help everyone across the organization make confident decisions.

Historically, project management tools have helped teams see if the project is on budget and where they stand in terms of tasks and timeline, but one of the most challenging parts of tracking projects is knowing how the work is actually going.

You may be 30% into the budget and 30% of the way through the time, but have you only tackled the easy parts of the project? Is a big deliverable still at risk?

Today, we’re excited to announce a new, more detailed project planning experience to help solve these challenges. Schedule work, track status, and keep everyone on the same page, without getting too deep in the weeds of granularity.

These new features provide the level of detail and control you need to keep your projects on track and running smoothly.

Here’s an overview of the new project planning experience in 10,000ft Plans:

What’s New: The Project Page

Our Project Page just got a major makeover, giving you more control over planning and managing your projects while staying focused on high-level outcomes.

The project page has been redesigned with three new views for you to focus on what matters most during each stage of the project.

High-Level Project Brief

project brief 10,000ft

The Project Brief is the single source of truth for your project. It includes a high-level summary of the project, and now includes more detailed information about the work status and overall project health.

The Project Brief provides all the most relevant information you need, including a project summary, team, timeline, budget, and the current status of the work.

Use the Project Brief to:

  • Keep everyone on the same page about project goals and constraints
  • Share a snapshot of the project with your team during status meetings
  • Quickly bring stakeholders up to speed by sharing the current work status
  • Link to files from other tools to easily access all the project information you need

Interactive Project Schedule

project schedule 10,000ft

The Project Schedule provides a focused and interactive experience for laying out and managing project timelines. It now leverages the full power of the main Schedule with zoom controls and draggable interactions so you can adjust timelines and make staffing changes on the fly.

From the Project Schedule, you can create phases, add or change assignments, and edit specific deliverables or Work Items.

Use the Project Schedule to:

  • Communicate details about what each person should work on, so team members can get started without needing to check-in
  • Quickly adjust details within each phase and deliverable without leaving the Schedule
  • Sketch out details about the project, phase or assignment within the project timeline

Detailed Project Worklist

project worklist 10,000ft

The Project Worklist is a brand new view that makes it easier to understand who’s working on what, and the status of individual deliverables. This page organizes all of the project phases and assignments into a simple list view, sorted by phase start date.

From this page, you can create a list of deliverables (Work Items) and assign them to team members. Team members can then indicate the progress of each Work Item using statuses like “on track,” “at risk,” or “done,” so you can spot and address potential problems early on. You can also customize these statuses to match your internal lingo.

project worklist tasks and notes 10,000ft

For work that requires more detailed steps, we’ve also added the ability to create sub tasks and notes for each Work Item. These sub tasks help communicate details about the work to your team. Sub tasks appear on the assigned person’s Personal Page, so they can check them off as they complete each one.

Use the Project Worklist to:

  • Quickly sketch out a tentative project or template with phases and Work Items
  • Outline and adjust deliverables, assignment details, and staffing needs
  • Add additional detail by adding sub tasks and notes to each Work Item

What’s New: The Schedule

people resourcing schedule 10,000ft

We refreshed the People View and Project View of the Schedule with cleaner graphics, improved information and tooltips, and the ability to see and edit Work Items directly from the main Schedule.

Use the Schedule to:

  • Adjust assignments and workload as changes inevitably come up.
  • Quickly add or edit details for project phases and Work Items
  • Use the availability view filter and heatmap view to quickly assign or reassign resources

What’s New: The Personal Page

The refreshed personal page is designed to keep your team engaged and focused on the work at hand.

personal profile today view 10,000ft

The Today View keeps each person’s work for the next 30 days front and center so they know what to keep top of mind and what to prioritize. Each team member can now see their total allocations for assignments and update the status of their work as they go. Changes made here automatically update on the Project Page, so everyone stays in the loop.

personal profile time tracking 10,000ft

Use pre-filled timesheets to track time and expenses based on project assignments, enter vacation time or sick leave, or enter time for something else. Tracked hours are reflected on the project dashboard, so you can track the overall budget in real time and make necessary adjustments.

Use the Personal Page to:

  • Quickly view all your current and upcoming assignments
  • Track the status of each Work Item assignment
  • Track time and expenses against each project and phase
  • Easily access team members’ personal information, including any Custom Field data like skills, manager, or work anniversary

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