Notifications make it easier for your team to track and communicate project changes

Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your projects and people.

We all know that projects rarely go as planned. Timelines change, people take less or more time to complete work than anticipated, and things can just get a little muddy when there’s so much going on. It's hard to keep your finger on the pulse of all the changes happening when you're managing the work, and even harder to easily communicate those changes to everyone involved.

So the challenge is, how do you not only make sure that you’re on top of these changes, but that your team is also up-to-date with all the moving parts that apply to them (without constantly answering the same questions over, and over, and over)?

Well, we're excited to announce two new features in 10,000ft to make this process a lot smoother for your team: Email Notifications and a major Activity Feed refresh!

"With the new notifications feature, our staff knows when they're added to a new project or when their allocated hours change. We don't have to message each other separately, which makes us more efficient."

Linn Sailer, Snook Agency
United Kingdom

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New Email Notifications

Notifications help streamline your internal communication by alerting your team members when their assignments and tasks get modified. Even with highly iterative, fast-moving work, alerts will help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your projects and people.

Of course, we know inboxes can quickly get overwhelmed, so you can also decide if you'd like to receive notifications immediately as changes happen or in a once-a-day digest email.

Tip: Events are smartly aggregated, so if you make a bunch of changes to the same item within a few minutes the changes will be grouped into one update. For example, if you assign a team member to a project and adjust their allocation from 100% to 75%, then to 50%, we'll only fire off one notification.

Refreshed Activity Feed

The newly made-over Activity Feed on project dashboards and personal pages aggregates change to projects you care about as they unfold. You can now visually track important updates with more detail than ever before – like changes to budgets, assignments, and tasks.

Once a project has been delivered, it’s easy to review the Activity Feed to tell the project’s story or improve future work by gathering important insights like:

  • When were there key iterations?
  • How did the project actually turn out compared to the original timelines and budgets?
  • Which phases went as planned, and which were the most problematic?

You can also get other details, like project post-mortem data in reports, but the Activity Feed serves as a quick source for everyone to stay up-to-date.

project activity feed by employee

3 cool features to look out for:

1. Project mute mode

Creating a stealthy or very tentative future project and don’t want to alarm or overload anyone by sending notifications? Admins and PMs can disable notifications at the project level so regardless of your team members’ notification preferences, they won’t receive any alerts about the project until you decide to unmute it.

2. Follow projects

By default, you’ll only receive notifications about events that relate directly to you – like assignment changes, comments on your tasks, etc. But if there are projects that you want to keep an eye on although you’re not assigned to work on that project, there’s a “follow” option that allows you to receive project-related updates.

This option is great for executives, directors, and managers who want to stay in the know across projects, but might not be logging in constantly to see the status.

3. Task updates

When tasks and notes get created, team members will now get alerts when they're added to tasks/notes or when there are updates like comments, due date changes, or when they’ve been marked as complete.

These notifications make it quicker to communicate details around project deliverables. They also help keep the team accountable by surfacing important comments or changes they need to know about.

Check out all the new updates by logging into your account or read this help topic for more details.

Questions about how to use notifications? Want a demo of our latest releases? We're here to help. Contact us anytime.

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