How Do I Find the Right People for My Project?

How do you find the most qualified people to work on your projects? Find out in this video.

You know there are plenty of people that could work on a project, but who are the right people for the job? Find out in our third video in a new series, designed to help you make more confident business decisions.

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First, let's explore a project that's in our pipeline of work. On the Project Portfolio page, you can filter by tentative projects to see what projects are in your pipeline. Let's select the Mapping Application project because you can see it's high priority and starts this summer. On the Schedule and Worklist tabs, you can see where Placeholders are scheduled to better understand the staffing needs on this project. Now, let's find someone who can fulfill the research needs.

On the Schedule, you can use either the Allocation Heatmap or the sort by availability feature to find who is the best person for this project based off role and availability.

I filter to my research team and the Allocation Heatmap will give me insight into utilization for each team member on my research team.

Now, all you have to do is reassign to Joe. Now, Joe can receive an email notification letting him know he's been assigned to this project. This can also be synced to his calendar through our calendar integration, and he can see on his personal dashboard what assignments he has upcoming today and for the next 30 days.

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