Now, Easily Filter by Work Status on the Schedule

Now you can easily see how work is progressing from the Schedule in 10,000ft

filter by work status on schedule 10,000ft

What’s new

Now you can easily see how work is progressing from the people view of the Schedule in 10,000ft. 

Simply click on Work Status: All from the Filter menu, and select one or more assignment statuses. The Schedule then highlights everyone's assignments that meet your chosen criteria, while other assignments are greyed out.

This new filter provides a high-level view of the status of all assignments across your entire team, so you can easily track the progress of all your projects in one place.

When to use it

Here are a few common scenarios where the work status filter can make a big impact:

  1. You need to quickly see which assignments are blocked or at risk, so you can check-in with your team, make adjustments to the plan, and keep things on track.
  2. Create a status for tentative assignments, then filter on the schedule to see which assignments need to be confirmed.
  3. By tracking a one day assignment as a milestone, you can quickly highlight all project milestones on the Schedule.
  4. Create remote work assignments for your team, then use this filter to see when people are scheduled to be working out of office.

Custom status labels are easy to create and add a lot of flexibility to your resource planning process.

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