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Creative work is inherently messy. That's why we've curated a collection of design thinking methods to help you tackle any creative problem. Learn more at

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As anyone working in the creative industry will tell you, creative work is inherently messy. There is no formula for success or clear path to a solution, especially when you're talking about a team of people coming together to create something never seen before.

Many creative teams turn to proven design frameworks to approach abstract problems. While frameworks alone don’t provide all the answers, they can be incredibly useful for structuring your thinking and finding unexpected connections. But how do you know which method to use and when?

That's why we’ve curated some of the best design thinking methods in a gallery we’re calling 10,000ft Design Recipes. It’s a growing collection of best practices you can use to understand, organize, and solve complex challenges you and your team face every day.

Best Practices From Industry Experts

Think of the design recipes as a toolbox for planning your next client workshop or team brainstorm session. Some of the methods (like Empathy Mapping and Eisenhower Matrix) are borrowed from experts in design thinking. Others (like Headlines From The Future and Behavior Change Strategies) are methods used by design teams we admire. Each one is distilled into a simple, step-by-step recipe card for designers – both new and experienced – to make use of.

One of the main challenges with brainstorming and analysis activities is how your valuable conclusions are left to wither away on a whiteboard or in a pile of sticky notes. Each recipe not only explains how and when to use that particular method, but also how to document your thinking in 10,000ft Insights. Documenting the process allows you to more easily share your conclusions with your team and clients, and ensure important insights are not lost along the way.

Whatever your project or challenge, you can use this gallery to build a deeper understanding of the people you are designing for. A 10,000ft Insights account is not required to complete the activities, but having one gives you the beginnings of a documented creative process that your team can reference during and after the project, and share with your clients.

Want to add a method to the gallery?

We will continue to add recipes to the gallery, so check back often to see what is new. If you have a framework or method that you think would make a great recipe and are willing to share, send us a note so we can add it to the gallery! If it's a method your company came up with, we'll credit your team and link to any other resources you have.

You can check out all the design recipes here:

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