18 Ways To Enhance Your Projects And People With Custom Fields

Custom fields are used to add unique information to your people and projects in 10,000ft.

Project custom fields for field type example

Every business has its own terminology when it comes to projects and people. One of the biggest challenges of adopting new software can be teaching the tool to speak the same language. That's why we've added custom fields for people and projects in 10,000ft!

What are custom fields, anyway?

Custom fields are used to add unique information to your people and projects in 10,000ft. They are specific to your company’s internal business logic and allow you to create custom views and reports that your business cares about. They are also really handy for more seamlessly integrating 10,000ft with other systems your company uses.

Custom fields can either be text fields or dropdown menus, and you manage them in your Account Settings. Once you have created a custom field, it will be available when you create or edit a project or person.

That’s a basic overview. If you want all the technical details on how custom fields work, visit our help section.

custom fields dropdown examples

18 ways to use custom fields

  1. Assign a project manager or owner to your projects
  2. Indicate project status (e.g. active, on hold, complete)
  3. Specify project priority
  4. Add a contract number or other internal identifier to projects (e.g. track project IDs across multiple systems while integrating with the 10,000ft API)
  5. Classify projects by risk (e.g. low, medium, high)
  6. Track projects by business development stage (e.g. prospect, proposal, won)
  7. Track project domain (e.g. healthcare, wearables, IoT)
  8. Assign a probability of winning tentative projects
  9. Specify the region a project is located
  10. Assign a contract type for each project (e.g. retainer, fixed bid, time and materials)
  11. Assign a manager or team lead to each person
  12. Indicate specific skills for each person
  13. Track various certifications or trainings for each person
  14. Specify a person’s team or office location
  15. Track team member’s dietary restrictions
  16. Track special needs of team members (e.g. wheelchair access, works remotely)
  17. Add the month a team member was born to coordinate group celebrations
  18. Add work anniversaries for your team members

Bonus: Surface all of these fields in the Reports Section to gain a deeper understanding of your business.

custom fields filters priority view

In short, custom fields are a powerful way to further align 10,000ft to your business and processes.

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