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Project Resource Management Software for Architecture

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From Schematics to Construction

Track your team’s progress through every phase of the project. Draw actionable insights around design phase management, team scheduling, billable utilization, and budget tracking.

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Actively Track Billable Utilization

Instantly see opportunities to maximize your team by day, week, quarter, or year. See billable efforts over time to ensure your team is delivering jobs on time and profitably.

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Your Entire Project Portfolio at a Glance

View your full project portfolio with all key project data to start conversations around team availability, hiring needs, and opportunities for improvement.

One Tool to Align Architecture Teams, Managers, and Leadership

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Project Planning, Simplified

Reduce complicated admin work and spend more time doing. Stay in charge by keeping a high-level, real-time view on critical project data throughout the design process: phase statuses, deadlines, billable utilization, and budgets.

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Build Your Team. Maximize Your Talent

Instantly see your team’s availability, utilization rate, and scheduled projects over time. Filter team members by seniority, discipline, and availability to find the team roster for your next project.

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Track Jobs From Start to Finish

Schedule and assign team members to each phase of the project. Track project deliverables and statuses through the project timeline.

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Billable Utilization Reporting

Monitor your team's efficiency and balance the workload with utilization reports. Use historical data to spot and forecast trends, project workload, and team availability.

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Pre-Filled Effortless Timesheets

On login, team members can view, adjust, and confirm their project hours for the week – and track time off!

Integrate with 10,000ft

Connect 10,000ft with your internal workflow and software suite! Our flexible API enables connections with top operational tools for analytics, communications, PM, ERP, and finance.

Plan Your Next Architecture Project in 10,000ft

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